23 juni 2009

~Woman Seated at a Table by a Window~

kitchen table 

As I sit at my kitchen table,
I gaze out upon the garden.
Peace fills my soul.
The warm breeze blows softly in my face.
The air filled with the smells
and delights of spring.
God's beauty has once again
refreshed my innermost parts.

The loveliness of the morning,
the freshness of spring,
the kindness of the warming sun,
all drawing our eyes once again
to our Creator.

~Author unknown~

4 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

Who is the beautiful painting by ?

Me zei

Author is unknown and also the painter!
found it like this on internet...I liked it very much!!! Gr.

Hermes zei

It is really lovely. Whoever it is by it goes with the words and is just a nice treat.

Musenkind am Meer zei

Dear Anna,

maybe you feel the same when you are sitting in your homely kitchen, looking into the bloom garden and seeing the little cute duckling babies.

Hugs Cornelia