31 januari 2011

~ Hasse Bredenberg

Hans Erik Hasse Bredenberg .
Hasse Bredenberg (Hans Erik),
born December 13 1957 in Frykerud , Värmland ,
Swedish artist (painter).
He has galleries in Skirö , Småland.
Hans Erik Hasse Bredenberg. Hans Erik Hasse Bredenberg.Hans Erik Hasse Bredenberg

30 januari 2011

~Sunday Poem

Send sunflowers!
With my turkey-bone whistle
I am calling the birds
To sing upon the sunflowers.
For when the clouds hear them singing
They will come quickly,
And rain will fall upon our fields.
Send sunflowers!

by Amy Lowell (1874-1925)
photo found here!

28 januari 2011

~Jane Maria Bowkett

jane maria bowkett 

A young lady in a conservatory", by Jane Maria Bowkett
From the BBC book "The victorian flower garden".

27 januari 2011

~ Rosie Lauren Smith

Rosie Lauren Smith.
The name of this wonderful artist is
Rosie Lauren Smith

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Rosie Lauren Smith. Rosie Lauren Smith .Rosie Lauren Smith. Rosie Lauren Smith. Rosie Lauren Smith

26 januari 2011


yvonne gilbert

Winter Just Won’t Go Away!
Art by Yvonne Gilbert

25 januari 2011

~Masha Kurbatova

Masha Kurbatova.
to see more of Masha’s Art
Masha Kurbatova.
And HERE to visit her Blog!
with thanks to Julia Mensjikow for the Link.
Masha Kurbatova. Masha Kurbatova

24 januari 2011

~Edith Prellwitz

Edith Prellwitz studio.
As a young woman, Edith Mitchill Prellwitz was
determined to study art and began taking classes
at the Art Students League.
In 1887, at the suggestion of her teacher George
de Forest Brush, she enrolled in the Life Class,
where nude models were used--a defining step for a
young female artist in those days and one that
determined her course as a serious professional.
She married the artist Henry Prellwitz, and with
the painters Irving Wiles and Edward August Bell,
established an artists’ colony in Peconic, New York,
on the North Fork of Long Island.
Edith PrellwitzAn Early Morning Stroll ca. 1900
.Edith Mitchill Prellwitz .
Girl with Violin, ca. 1910s

23 januari 2011

~Sunday Poem

When the nights are done
And we see the sun
A new day dawns
With hope for some

When the fairies of spring
With warm breath breathe
The snow from the winters
Will leave their freeze


When the bellies of clouds
Can hold no more
They spread their rains
To wash earths shores

George Elgar Hicks

When the grub that lived
Leaves its cocoon
On the flight of wings
Will play till noon


When the days are done
And we lay us down
The stars will twinkle
In the moons playground


When the ends that come
Make it hard to see
There is something new
To set us free.

Poem by Robyn Blauw
Art by George Elgar Hicks
1824 - 1914

20 januari 2011

~Michelle Ryan

michelle ryan.
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19 januari 2011

~Albert Herter

Albert Herter .
Albert Herter (1871–1950) was an artist and painter.
He was born in New York, New York, and studied
in Paris and then in New York's Art Students League.
He had come from an artistic family; before Albert
was born, his father, Christian Herter, and his father's
half-brother Gustave formed Herter Brothers,
a prominent New York interior design
and furnishings firm.


18 januari 2011

~ Iwona Chmielewska

Iwona Chmielewska.  
Iwona is a writer, designer and illustrator from Poland,
but apparently she is best known and loved in Korea.
READ MORE (in Polish)
.Iwona Chmielewska. .Iwona Chmielewska

17 januari 2011

16 januari 2011


by Edmund Dulac .
Far out in the ocean, where the water is as
blue as the prettiest cornflower, and as clear as
crystal, it is very, very deep; so deep,
that no cable could fathom it:
many church steeples, piled one upon another,
would not reach from the ground beneath to the
surface of the water above.
There dwell the Sea King and his subjects.

by Hans Christian Andersen
The Little Mermaid
Illustration by Edmund Dulac

15 januari 2011

Helen Jacobs

The Magic Mirror by Helen Jacobs

(1880 - 1970, UK)

14 januari 2011

~Kasie Sallee

kasie sallee.
Her name is Kasie Sallee,
She lives in Oklahoma, USA

You can visit Kasie’s  BLOG  HERE
Read more about the artist
on her WEBSITE!

kasie sallee. Why. kasie sallee. kasie sallee. kasie sallee

13 januari 2011

~Antonio Javier Caparo

Antonio Caparo .Antonio Javier Caparo.
Antonio Caparo is a Cuban born illustrator
currently living and working in Toronto, Canada.

Caparo studied graphic design at the High Institute
of Design in Havana and devoted much of his early
career to design, but gradually sifted
his focus to illustration. MORE HERE...
. Jake .
CLICK HERE to visit his Lovely Blog

12 januari 2011

Edmund Dulacby Edmund Dulac, 1906
E was an exquisite Elf
Who enjoyed being quite by herself
She delighted to play
In an elegant way
With things she found on a shelf.

11 januari 2011

~Sue Halstenberg

Sue Halstenberg began her career as a fashion
illustrator for the Southern California
department stores. To further expand her
creative abilities as a fine artist,
she studied plein air figure painting in pastels with
George Carlson at Scottsdale Artists School in
Arizona. A few years later she started her own
business, accepting commissions for portrait
and figure paintings.
. .    
Above you see her pastel painting “Victoria” 
It was featured
on the cover of American Artist Magazine and
Sue was juried in as a Signature Member of
the Pastel Society of America, New York.
.. . . .
. .