31 augustus 2009

~Edward Tadiello~

gift of peace


loves embrace



.serenitys garden

"I am concerned in my work with the representation
of the human form by means of classical artistic anatomy. 
     "I believe that only a solid and practical understanding
of the skeletal framework and the muscle forms it supports
will enable me to interpret the model before me, and
to translate what I see into a work of art -- a work that
at minimum will celebrate the marvelous, infinitely
beautiful form that we humans are, and at maximum
will touch the viewer in an emotional way, nourishing them,
making them feel and be engaged in an aesthetic
experience that will transport them from the
ordinary to the sublime."
                                                ~Edward Tadiello~

30 augustus 2009

~Philip Leslie Hale~

self portrait .
Philip Leslie Hale was born 1865 and died suddenly
in 1931. He was the fifth of nine children born to
Edward Everett Hale and his wife Emily.
His siblings included painter Ellen Day Hale and
architect Herbert Dudley Hale. After Roxbury
Latin School, Hale’s father insisted that he pass the
Harvard entrance examinations before he could begin
art training. He studied at the Museum School in 1883,
then at the New York Art Students’ League with
J. Alden Weir, and finally in Paris at the Académie Julian
and the Ecole des Beaux Arts; he then visited Spain to see
the works of Velázquez before returning to New York.

Philip Leslie Hale werd geboren in 1865
en stierf plotseling in 1931.
Hij was het 5 de kind van totaal 9 kinderen van
Edward Everett Hale en z’n vrouw Emily.
Van Hale’s vader mocht hij geen kunstopleiding gaan
doen als hij niet geslaagd was voor z’n Harvard examen.
Hij studeerde op de Museum School in 1883,
vervolgens op de New York Art Students 'League met
J. Alden Weir, en uiteindelijk in Parijs aan
de Academie Julian en de Ecole des Beaux Arts.
. a summer visitor .
After exhibiting his work in Boston (at the Art Club),
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Academy), New York
(society of American Artists, National Academy of Design),
and Chicago (Art Institute), Hale went again to France
in the fall of 1890. In 1891 he traveled to England
and the following year settled in Boston,
becoming an instructor of antique drawing at the
Museum School in 1893.

Na een expositie van zijn werk in Boston (op de Art Club),
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Academy), New York
  (vereniging van Amerikaanse kunstenaars,
National Academy of Design),
en Chicago (Art Institute), ging Hale   in de herfst
van 1890weer naar Frankrijk en
In 1891 reisde hij naar Engeland
en het jaar erop vestigde hij zich in Boston.

Philip Leslie Hale .

About the same time,
he began to spend his summers in Giverny (France),
with his friend Theodore Butler, Monet’s son-in-law,
and began a demanding exhibition schedule that he
would maintain throughout his career.

In die tijd bracht hij z’n zomers door in
Giverny (Frankrijk) waar hij bevriend werd met
de schoonzoon van Monet, Theodore Butler.

A walk through the fields . girl with birds.
In 1899 Hale exhibited twenty-eight paintings and
seven pastels at Durand-Ruel Galleries in New York,
the major dealers of Impressionist painting in both
France and America. The pictures were mainly the results
of his Rhode Island summers’ work—critics gave mixed
reviews, finding the post-impressionist color and
dissolution of form bold and rather extreme.

In 1899 exposeerde Hale achtentwintig schilderijen en
zeven pastels bij Durand-Ruel Galleries in New York,
de grootste dealers van impressionistische
schilderkunst in zowel Frankrijk als in Amerika.
.Sun Bath 1914.
Philip Hale’s reputation would come to rest more upon
his merits as a teacher than upon his own painting.
Aside from instruction in antique and life drawing and
artistic anatomy at the Museum School (1893-1931),
he taught art history classes at Boston University,
lectured at the Boston and the Metropolitan museums,
gave studio classes at the Pennsylvania Academy (1913-1928),
and wrote critical reviews for local papers.
In 1913 he published the first American text on Vermeer,
a lengthy study on the life and work of an artist much admired
by Boston painters. That same year Hale exhibited two
pictures in the Armory show.
He won many prizes and awards, continuing to
show his works nationwide, and served on the jury
of the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915.
He remained an active figure on the Boston
art scene throughout the 1920s.

  Hij gaf  kunstgeschiedenis lessen aan de
Boston University, en doceerde aan de
Boston en het Metropolitan musea, 
gaf lessen aan de Academie Pennsylvania (1913-1928),
en schreef kritieken voor lokale kranten.
In 1913 publiceerde hij de eerste Amerikaan
tekst over Vermeer,  een kunstenaar die veel bewonderd
werd door Boston schilders.
Hij won vele prijzen en onderscheidingen.
.Philip Leslie Hale . Philip Leslie hale

29 augustus 2009

~W. Harrison Cady~

HarrisonCady .
W. HARRISON CADY (1877-1970), was "a man who
saw things that were not there" said editor and owner of
the old Life Magazine, John Ames, about this successful
illustrator who depicted nature with great fidelity and
imagination. Fantasy and friendly animals living in
ethereal magical worlds became Cady's trademark
and thus prompted his work on hundreds of books
and newspaper pages, Old Mother West Wind
and Peter Rabbit by Thornton W. Burgess in particular.

W. HARRISON CADY  werd geboren in 1877 in
Gardner, Massachusetts,  (USA) en is overleden in 1970  
Hij was een Amerikaans tekenaar.

"The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse" by Thornton W. Burgess."The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse" by Thornton W. Burgess. 
."The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse" by Thornton W. Burgess.. "The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse" by Thornton W. Burgess."The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse" by Thornton W. Burgess..   "The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse" by Thornton W. Burgess.
Walter Harrison Cady was born in Gardner,
Massachusetts 1877 and died in 1970.
He was an American illustrator born, to a town selectman
and businessman, Edwin Cady. His father fostered
a love of nature and encouraged his art skills.
Young Cady entered an apprenticeship with a local
painter, Parker Perkins. His first publication came as
early as 1894: an illustration in a supplement to
Harper's Young People (signed Walter H. Cady).

cady00-b cady00
After his father's untimely death when Harrison was
eighteen, Harrison moved to New York City and found
work, first at the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper,
later at Life Magazine. This led to a long career as
a newspaper and magazine illustrator, as well as
numerous children's books, featuring both fantastic
and realistic animal illustrations. He had a long
association with the American author Thornton W. Burgess
and became best known for his works in Bedtime Stories,
a daily newspaper column created by Burgess.

Na de vroegtijdige dood van zijn vader (toen Harrison
achttien was), vertrok Harrison naar New York City
en vond daar werk, eerst op het Brooklyn Eagle krant,
later bij Life Magazine. Dit leidde tot een lange carrière als
krant en tijdschrift illustrator, evenals
vele kinderboeken, met zowel fantastisch
dier en realistische illustraties heeft hij op z’n naam staan.
Harrison Cady s Boy's life  .
Cady was very prolific, illustrating for over 70 years
for publications such as St. Nicholas Magazine,
Boys' Life  Saturday Evening Post,
Ladies' Home Journal, Good Housekeeping and
the Herald Tribune Syndicate.

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~And Here~
Cady was ‘n zeer productief tekenaar,
Hij heeft meer dan 70 jaar geïllustreerd,
en publicaties zoals bijv. in St. Nicolaas Magazine,
Boys 'Life Saturday Evening Post,
Ladies 'Home Journal, Good Housekeeping en
  de Herald Tribune Syndicate.
cady  .
Walter Harrison Cady's career as an illustrator began
at the end of the nineteenth century, when he produced
some comic work for various magazines.
His comic career really took off in 1920, when he
created his best-known strip, 'Peter Rabbit'.
The first paper to publish this full-page comic
was the Tribune. Cady drew 'Peter Rabbit' until
his retirement in 1948. He was succeeded by
Vincent Fago, who continued the comic until 1956.
De carrière van Walter Harrison Cady's als illustrator
begon aan het eind van de negentiende eeuw,
toen hij een aantal komische werken publiceerde
  voor een aantal tijdschriften.
Zijn komische carrière kwam echter tot bloei in 1920,
toen hij zijn bekendste strip, 'Peter Rabbit' publiceerde
Cady tekende 'Peter Rabbit' tot zijn pensionering
in 1948.  Hij werd opgevolgd door
Vincent Fago, die deze strip bleef tekenen tot 1956.


28 augustus 2009

~My wish for you~

24 of the works of Aimee Stewart
are featured in the film.
The Music on "My Wish for You"
was contributed by Annbjørg Lien

to everyone you know who would enjoy a break
from the stress of the day, to disappear in
a lovely daydream for a few minutes.

Silken threads, a fairy’s bed
The morning’s magic dew
Secret Glades,
Seasheel arrayed,
This is my wish for you!
Windows’d moons,
winter’s cocoon,
Springtime’s green debut
Journeys bright,
Compassions’s might,
This is my wish for you!
Flying ships and signing lips,
Emblazoned wild adieu,
Twilight’s gift,
enchantment’s kiss
This is my wish for you!
Tales explored,
gold bricks galore,
a light to guide you through
winds to race
Companioned grace
This is my wish for you!
Slumbers deep
a faithful leap,
a Magic carpet view,
hope in flight
rapture’s delight,
This is my wish for you!
Wishes made, secret parades,
a tale of love come true,
a moonbeam trone
a place called home,
This is my wish for you!
To sing you soft a lullaby
to sew the seams of lost goodbye’s
to light the way through your dark skies,
This is my wish for you!
To give you wings and to watch you fly
to silk your tears until they dry
to spin a tale that you might try
This is my wish for you!
Grief’s release
a field of peace
a space for solitude
followed bliss
balloons adrift
This is my wish for you!
Adventure’s shore
a sky of more
a life with joy imbued
all this score
you are and more
You are the wish come true


27 augustus 2009


Ethel Larcombe in 1912
Tennis - Wimbledon ladies' singles Champion
Ethel Larcombe born Ethel Warneford Thomson
on 8 June 1879 in Islington, Middlesex, England 
Died 11 August 1965 in Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England
She was a former British female tennis player.
She is best remembered for winning the
ladies' singles title at the 1912 Wimbledon Championships.
She also was an artist for many years.

Ethel Larcombe Postcard  Ethel Larcombe Postcard

Ethel Larcombe is geboren als Ethel Warneford Thomson
op 8 Juni 1879 in Islington, Middlesex, England 
Ze is overleden op 11 August 1965 in Budleigh
Salterton, Devon, England.
Ze heeft in 1912 Wimbeldon Championships gewonnen.
Ze heeft ook vele jaren geschilderd.
Zie hier haar werk!

Ethel Larcombe



Lily and Rose.

Ethel-Larcombe-Fairy--Radierung--38081 pixie

     .patchwork.. T010

26 augustus 2009

~Doris Joa~

Doris at work

Intervieuw with Doris Joa, who is
an artist from Germany.
She has a great passion for nature and its beauty.
She started with painting in 2002 and is mostly
self-taught and has learned through books
and some DVDs.
.The secret garden .
if only time stood still.

“My mediums are watercolor and oil. One of my
special favorite subjects are Roses and figurative work.
I paint roses and also other flowers in oil and
watercolor,  like Pansies, Rhododendron,
Peonies, Daisies and Tulips”

“My goal is to paint in romantic realism.
I am also doing figurative work, portraits, still lifes and
in 2005 I have started a new series of colourful
Horse paintings in oil. I also have started with doing
postcard paintings in 4″x6″ and other small studies”

hannes rose.
“I am using only highquality watercolor and oil paints.
My watercolors are painted on 140 Lb hotpressed or
coldpressed watercolor paper (mostly Arches or Lanaquarelle)
and I am using colours mostly from Schmincke, although
there are tubes from Winsor & Newton and
Daniel Smith in my box”

angelina on the rocks.
  “Recently I have started with also using Aquabord
(Textured Claybord) from Ampersand.
I like the textures and the possibilities on the bord.
And no glass is needed to protect the painting
when it will be framed”
Will it be cold?.
miriam & nicholas.

“Oil paintings are done on stretched canvas or
hardboard panels. I am using colours from Rembrandt,
M. Gamblin, Old Holland and/or Winsor & Newton.
For medium I do not use any turpentine,
I use only walnut oil or walnut alkyd medium
both are from M. Graham”

hydrangea .
“I have a great passion for nature and her beauty and
try to capture this in my paintings.
The sunshine, the shadows, the light and the glittering
of a raindrop I find most captivating”

“I love it when people tell me that when they view my
paintings they can smell the flowers, feel the velvet
of the rose-petals and have the feeling
of standing in a garden”

Ines  .


a favorite book