21 augustus 2009

~Errol Le Cain~

Errol Le Cain was born in Singapore on
the 5th of March 1941. He traveled through the Far East,
lived in India for 5 years, and moved to England.
.12 Dancing Princesses..12 Dancing Princesses..
12 Dancing Princesses..12 Dancing Princesses..12 Dancing Princesses. .
Although educated in Singapore, Le Cain had
no formal art training. He was fascinated with
the cinema and produced a small film at the
early age of 14. It was an animation entitled,
The Enchanted Mouse.
At age 15, he created another animated
film called, The Little Goatherd which drew
the attention of British film distributor,
Pearl and Dean Limited.
.have you seen your sister?. beauty and beast. cinderella .
In 1965, Le Cain worked in advertising and film
studios designing film titles for the Richard Williams Studio,
for such films as The Charge of the Light Brigade
and the original Casino Royale.
He became a freelance designer in the late 60s.
He worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation
as a set designer for t.v. programs and
also did cartoon illustrations and graphics.
.The Snow Queen. The Snow Queen. The Snow QueenThe Snow Queen.The Snow Queen .
His first illustrated book was published in 1968,
King Arthur's Sword, and started his new career
as an illustrator. He is quoted as saying in ICb4 that
his first book “made me aware of the the scope
and possibilities in children's books and now I am
convinced this is the medium for me”.
He continued “The first task of an illustrator is
to be in full sympathy with the writer.
No matter how splendid and exciting the drawings
may be, if they work against the story,
the picture book is a faliure”.

He was the author of some of the books he illustrated,
but mostly worked with other authors.
He was twice runner up for the
Kate Greenaway Award for The Cabbage Princess
in 1969 and Thorn Rose in 1976 and
finally won it in 1985 for Hiawatha's Childhood.

Errol Le cain died on the 3rd of January 1989
after a long illness and left a wife and 2 children!
.molly whuppie.molly whuppie .Molly whuppie.
A Few of Errol Le Cain Titles
-King Arthur's Sword
-The Cabbage Princess
-The House on the Strand
-The King's White Elephant
-The White Cat
-The Devil's Piper
-The Twelve Dancing Princesses
-The Snow Queen
-Beauty and the Beast
-Mrs. Fox's Wedding
-The Three Magic Gifts
-Molly Whuppie
-Hiawatha's Childhood
-Crisis at Crabtree
-The Enchanter's Daughter
-The Pied Piper of Hamelin
-Have You Seen My Sister
.Growltiger's Last Stand and other poems.


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Hermes zei

I just love his work.

Aputsiaq zei

So, so funny, because I just got my eyes on some of his pictures today! Wow, to minds, one thought ;O))) I've often been told that Dutch and Danes are alike...there we go...we must be!!! :0D

Anoniem zei

I love your site! I had Errol's Twelve Dancing Princesses and Thorn Rose as a child. Magical! I've been living in a dream world ever since...

Celeste Goulding zei

I have a deep love for Errol le Cain. He was largely responsible for me becoming a painter :)