26 augustus 2009

~Doris Joa~

Doris at work

Intervieuw with Doris Joa, who is
an artist from Germany.
She has a great passion for nature and its beauty.
She started with painting in 2002 and is mostly
self-taught and has learned through books
and some DVDs.
.The secret garden .
if only time stood still.

“My mediums are watercolor and oil. One of my
special favorite subjects are Roses and figurative work.
I paint roses and also other flowers in oil and
watercolor,  like Pansies, Rhododendron,
Peonies, Daisies and Tulips”

“My goal is to paint in romantic realism.
I am also doing figurative work, portraits, still lifes and
in 2005 I have started a new series of colourful
Horse paintings in oil. I also have started with doing
postcard paintings in 4″x6″ and other small studies”

hannes rose.
“I am using only highquality watercolor and oil paints.
My watercolors are painted on 140 Lb hotpressed or
coldpressed watercolor paper (mostly Arches or Lanaquarelle)
and I am using colours mostly from Schmincke, although
there are tubes from Winsor & Newton and
Daniel Smith in my box”

angelina on the rocks.
  “Recently I have started with also using Aquabord
(Textured Claybord) from Ampersand.
I like the textures and the possibilities on the bord.
And no glass is needed to protect the painting
when it will be framed”
Will it be cold?.
miriam & nicholas.

“Oil paintings are done on stretched canvas or
hardboard panels. I am using colours from Rembrandt,
M. Gamblin, Old Holland and/or Winsor & Newton.
For medium I do not use any turpentine,
I use only walnut oil or walnut alkyd medium
both are from M. Graham”

hydrangea .
“I have a great passion for nature and her beauty and
try to capture this in my paintings.
The sunshine, the shadows, the light and the glittering
of a raindrop I find most captivating”

“I love it when people tell me that when they view my
paintings they can smell the flowers, feel the velvet
of the rose-petals and have the feeling
of standing in a garden”

Ines  .


a favorite book

4 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

Charming - a new name to me. Love her use of colour.

Doris Joa zei

Thank you Anna for doing a post about my artwork - it is much appreciated. :)

Anna zei

@ Doris

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
I am glad you liked it!

Marja Visscher zei

Uitersten, sommige zijn in mijn optiek ronduit lelijk en lijken niet uit de penseel te komen van de zelfde dame die ook de prachtige schilderde. Smaken zullen ongetwijfeld verschillen. Maar ja, zit in het realisme niet het woord realiteit. Ik leg me er dus gewoon bij neer, dat ik soms in verwarring raak van haar, geschilderde uitersten.
Vriendelijke groeten, Marja