23 januari 2011

~Sunday Poem

When the nights are done
And we see the sun
A new day dawns
With hope for some

When the fairies of spring
With warm breath breathe
The snow from the winters
Will leave their freeze


When the bellies of clouds
Can hold no more
They spread their rains
To wash earths shores

George Elgar Hicks

When the grub that lived
Leaves its cocoon
On the flight of wings
Will play till noon


When the days are done
And we lay us down
The stars will twinkle
In the moons playground


When the ends that come
Make it hard to see
There is something new
To set us free.

Poem by Robyn Blauw
Art by George Elgar Hicks
1824 - 1914

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Hermes zei

Another lovely poem - hurry the spring.