19 juni 2010

~Anton Lomaev

Illustraties van Anton Jakovlevitsj Lomaev
Geboren 13 maart 1971 in Leningrad Rusland.
Hij studeerde af aan het Academisch Instituut.
Repin in 1998.

Illustrations by Anton Jakovlevitsj Lomaev
Born 1971  March 13  in Leningrad Russia.
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With thanks to Natalia

4 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

Gorgeous - love them.

SparkleFarkle zei

Unbelievably beautiful illustrations! So... so... Neptuney! Thank you for sharing them. I am enjoying them with my very early morning breakfast!

nata zei

Sorry, but the name of the artist is LOMAEV, but not LOMAEVA ))
No letter A on the end of a word.
His site is http://www.lomaevart.com/

with compliments, Natalia

Anna zei

Many thanks!