12 juli 2010

~The Real Alice

The Real Alice .
The Real Alice In Wonderland - 25 Pictures
Before Alice ever set foot in Wonderland,
there was Alice Liddell, the 10-year-old friend
of an eccentric, stuttering lecturer in mathematics
who would later find fame as a writer, under
the name Lewis Carroll.
(Pictured: 6-year-old Alice Liddell in costume 1858.)
Photo: Lewis Carroll/Getty Images

following the white rabbit .
Following the White Rabbit.

Alice cup


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Hermes zei

Teniel didn't use the real Alice as a model:


Dodgson's relationship with Alice, and in fact all the Liddell's is cloaked in mystery and speculation, as much of the evidence was destroyed and Alice herself seems to have been embarrassed by the connection, much as Christopher Robin was.