12 oktober 2010

~Dennis Nolan

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Dennis Nolan was born in San Francisco, CA, in 1945.
Award-winning author and illustrator Dennis Nolan
is known for the highly realistic paintings he has
created for both his own picture-book texts and
the work of other writers. Although he works
primarily in acrylics, Nolan has worked in
water color to illustrate books such as Nancy Carlstrom's
No Nap for Benjamin Badger.
His detailed renderings delve into the fanciful,
gaining comparison to the work of illustrator
Arthur Rackham in the award-winning Fairy Wings,
one of several works he has illustrated for his
wife, writer and fellow artist Lauren A. Mills.
More About the Author
Illustrations from the book by by Jane Yolen
The Perfect Wizzard about the life of
Hans Christian Andersen.
Illustrated by Dennis Nolan
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Hermes zei

Most of the pictures are missing Anna?

Anna zei

I just see them all fine

stephanie zei

I just saw this book at our library and thought it was beautiful.

BeluBelloBelle zei

still fine and pleased seeing his illustration. thank you for bring them here Anna. :)