11 mei 2011

Many Thanks to all of you
for the prayers
and the sweets thoughts coming this way!
It makes me feel much better!

4 opmerkingen:

ximena zei

Dear Anna,
A joy to hear from you... keep the spirit up.
You are wrapped in a blanket of friendship, love and prayers,

Teresa zei

Dear Anna
I visit your blog everyday. It has been an inspiration and a lovely moment of reading... I do hope everything turns out well for you because someone with your eyes and generosity must be around to make a difference in this world. I'm writting you from Portugal, where I pray for a great tomorrow for you. Remember Anne Shirley: Tomorrow is always fresh...
All the best

Patricia zei

Dear Anna,
I have just chanced upon your blog..it is a joy.I wish you well,may your days be brighter soon.
Ciao Patricia

Anna zei

you are the best!
many thanks...