1 juni 2011

~Paul César Helleu

Paul César Helleu

1900 Paul César Helleu (1859–1927)
Portrait of Alice Guérin, oil on canvas.
Helleu is best known for his portraits of many of
the most famous and beautiful women of his time
including the Duchess of Marlborough,
the Countess of Greffulhe and the Marchesa Casati.

He was commissioned to paint a portrait of a
young woman named Alice Guerin in 1884.
They fell in love, and married two years later
(July 28, 1886). She was undoubtedly his
favourite model. Charming, refined, and graceful,
she helped introduce them to the aristocratic
circles of Paris, where they were popular fixtures.

2 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

Isn't she beautiful. You can see why he fell for her.

Anna zei

oh yes she is beautiful!
which men wouldn't fall for her?