8 augustus 2011

Eloise Wilkin

A Child’s Garden of Verses,
Illustration by Eloise Wilkin, 1957 -Rain

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Jeri Landers zei

I saw the name Eloise Wilkin and had to post. Hers are the books I grew up with. Little Golden books filled with the soft and delicate paintings of this artist captured my attention and enamored me at the tender age of 5. She was able to do what all artists strive to do, that is,bring the viewer into the world she created on paper and evoke an emotion. Her skies, her birds, her cherubic little child faces, are still some of my favorite images. I have collected all of her books and refer to them often... her art just feels warm and peaceful. She should have recieved more attention in the world of illustration.!

Hermes zei

That's a lovely book and a great picture.

Anna zei

Thank you both!
and Jeri..it's nice to hear from you again ;o)

SparkleFarkle zei

As a child, Eloise Wilken's illustrations were alawys ice cream to my eyes! Still are! Thanks for this lovely trip down Memory Lane.