11 november 2011

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J.G. van Caspel (1898)

De Schoone Slaapster in het Bosch
Mother Goose Fairy Tale.
by J.G. van Caspel  (Dutch)
(02-05 1870--06-02 1928)

J.G. van Caspel. J.G. van Caspel.J.G. van Caspel. J.G. van Caspel.   J.G. van Caspel

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alexandra george zei


Hermes zei

Just beautiful.

Clarissa Rodriguez zei

I miss you
I hope You are so good!

Anna zei

Thanks Clarissa
I should have told you all!
I am very sick,so I am not so often on my blog, hope to be back soon ;o)