29 december 2011

~Vintage Books..

sleeping beauty

Many a girl has waited long
For a husband brave or strong;
But I’m sure I never met
Any sort of woman yet
Who could wait a hundred years,
Free from fretting, free from fears.

Now, our story seems to show
That a century or so,
Late or early, matters not;
True love comes by fairy-lot.
Some old folk will even say
It grows better by delay.

Yet this good advice, I fear,
Helps us neither there nor here.
Though philosophers may prate
How much wiser ‘tis to wait,
Maids will be a-sighing still —
Young blood must when young blood will!

2 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

This is a really good book. You pick such good things.

Clarissa Rodriguez zei

This old and beautiful story inspired me again!
Thanks Anna, for sharing so much beauty