20 januari 2012


Tree of mine - Tree of mine
Have you seen a girl
With a willy willy wag…
and a long tailed bag
who stole my money, all I had?

Illustration to The old witch by John D. Batten.
From More English fairy tales,
collected and edited by Joseph Jacobs,
New York, London, 1894

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Lynn zei

I just wanted to tell you that I love your website. I came across you while searching for information on Alice in Wonderland for an ALICE TREE I am doing. :) I was looking around your site, and lo and behold, there were my feet in your sidebar!! I am quite flattered. I am glad you are using the image. That's what it was for. Feel free to check out the Alice Tree. :) I will be adding your site to my blog list.


Hermes zei

Love Batten's work

Sharon's Sunlit Memories zei

A wonderful illustration - I have not come across the work of this artist before. The verse is very unusual and intruiging.