6 februari 2012

~Walter Langley

This is a revised and rewritten edition,
with many new illustrations,
of the study first published in 1997.
It provides nique insights into the Newlyn art colony
and the world of the Victorian professional artist.

Walter Langley (1852-1922)
was a pioneer of the remarkable colony
of artists drawn to the south-west corner of Cornwall
in the 1880s. Working mainly in watercolour,
and a sympathetic and unsentimental recorder
of the hard lives of the Newlyn fisherfolk,
Langley made his name especially through a series
of memorably dramatic watercolour and oil paintings. 
Included in this new edition are also examples
of the artist’s powerful charcoal drawings.
 walter langley
Walter Langley
(June 8, 1852 – March 21, 1922)
was an English painter and founder
of the Newlyn School of plein air artists.
He was born in Birmingham.

walter langley Walter_Langley_-_Memories_1906

w langley AmongtheMissing

The painting 'Among the Missing' is
one of the objects chosen to represent
Cornwall in the BBC's 'History of the World' project.

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Hermes zei

Such a great artist. I have the older edition.

Ann zei

I've long been an admirer of the Newlyn School. Lovely to see such beautiful paintings.