11 november 2012

silver pennies

Blanche Jennings Thompson
is the author of Silver Pennies
published 1929
illustrated by Winifred Bromhall

A Collection of Modern Poems for Boys and Girls.
The cloth hardcover is green/aqua/teal with
a black silhouette of a girl reaching to the sky,
with silver pennies falling from a silver moon.

2 opmerkingen:

Katarina K zei

I'm a really big fan of children's books and I always look forward to when I descover a new one.I have to admit that I'm not familiar with this author. I looked at a book on Amazon, and it seems magical to me. I can not wait to read it. Also, I like illustrations a lot.They are very similar to something that I make, such as silhouettes and marionette puppet made of cardboard. One of these puppets I used to profile picture.

Anna zei

I love illustrated children books very much and have a lovely collection, amazing what you can do with cardboard..
your profile photo is wonderful!
welcome to my blog, hope you'll enjoy xxx