22 december 2010

~The Snow Man

It is so delightfully cold, said the Snow Man,
that it makes my whole body crackle.
This is just the kind of wind to
blow life into one.
How that great red thing up there is staring at me!
He meant the sun, who was just setting.
It shall not make me wink.
I shall manage to keep the pieces.
snowman .   
He had two triangular pieces of tile in his head,
instead of eyes, his mouth was made of
an old broken rake, and was, of course,
furnished with teeth.
He had been brought into existence amidst
the joyous shouts of boys,
the jingling of sleigh-bells, and the
slashing of whips. The sun went down,
and the full
moon rose, large, round, and clear,
shining in the deep blue. 
There it comes again, from the other side,
said the Snow Man, who supposed the sun was
showing himself once more.
Ah, I have cured him
of staring, though, now he may hang up there,
and shine, that I may see myself.
If I only knew how to
manage to move away from this place,
I should so like to move.
If I could, I would slide along
yonder on the ice, as I have seen the boys do,
but I don't understand how,
I don't even know how to run.

Read the whole story HERE!
Told By Hans Christian Anderson
Art by Raymond Briggs!

3 opmerkingen:

stephanie zei

Art is from "The Snowman" by Raymond Briggs, a wordlessly picture book that has also been animated. A classic here in America!

Hermes zei

A love the book / cartoon by Raymond Briggs. On the tv every year here.

Anna zei

thank you both!