23 december 2010

~A Very very Special Day…


by Frances Ullmann DeArmand ~ Tom Vroman 1963

It is My Birthday Today!

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Hermes zei

Happy Birthday.
Many Season's Greetings.

Funily enough its my Mothers Birthday on Christmas day.

Richard zei


Tinkuzza Тинкуца zei

Happy Birthday!!! Best wishes!!! And thanks a lot for your wonderful blog!

BeluBelloBelle zei

wofff wow Happy Birthday to you then

Best wishes as big as my pray for your Christmas day too.
May He give the merry time on this year and so on


Rozani zei

Happy Birthday, Anna! Best wishes, joy, love, health, peace and lots of money!
That life is always a fairy tale with many charms!
A Merry Christmas with much joy and many celebrations!
A big kiss, Rozani

stephanie zei

Happy Birthday and have a Merry Christmas!

Aputsiaq zei

My dear, dear friend!


I hope you had a wonderful day inspite of everything! May the new year be filled with love and laughter!!!

Sorry I didn't write you before now...it has been a silly day..I had to cancel my Christmas vacations with my family: too, too much snow, many trafical problems...and I'm not well enough to go. So I have to spend x-mas eve by myself ;O(