29 april 2009

~Drinking Alone Under The Moon~

Ophelia-John William Waterhouse (1849 –1917)

  Among the flowers from a pot of wine
I drink alone beneath the bright moonshine.
I raise my cup to invite the moon, who blends
Her light with my shadow and we're three friends.

The moon does not know how to drink her share;
In vain my shadow follows me here and there.
Together with them for the time I stay
And make merry before spring's spend away.

I sing the moon to linger with my song;
My shadow disperses as I dance along.
Sober, we three remain cheerful and gay;
Drunken, we part and each goes his way.

Our friendship will outshine all earthly love;
Next time we'll meet beyond the stars above.
~Li Bai~

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Hermes zei

That is lovely and a great choice of image.

kathy hare zei


Belinda Del Pesco zei

Beautiful text, beautiful image.