11 oktober 2009

~Autumn Calls Me Again

elven cloak Rob Alexander   

Autumn calls me again to find the way out myself:
There's way too much beauty to enclose within walls
I always expected to see then the elves
And dryads, kneeling in wheat yellowed halls;
Wood nymphs harvesting bark, from the trees,
To shelter from winter's soon prying clutches

And leprechauns toting their potsgold, to tease
Shy rabbits, before their twig thatched hutches
My blood grows feverish before coming storms;
Things often disappear in the shut-in months
Don't want the love from my arms, freshly torn-
Fall's crisp, chaste wind brought me to you, once..
~Poem by Ms P Masterman
~Painting by Rob Alexander

2 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

That is lovely Anna. Certainly feel Autumnal here today.

Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

Wat een mooi gedicht. Vandaag riep de herfst mij ook naar buiten, maar ik ben geen elfjes, dryads en kabouters tegengekomen!

Lieve groet,