24 januari 2010

~Sunday Poem

Heather .

"From the bonny bells of heather
They brewed a drink long-syne,
Was sweeter far then honey,
Was stronger far than wine."

~ by R.L. Stevenson
Painting by Tara Larsen Chang

3 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

Good to see these lovely poems again. Have a great Sunday.

marja visscher zei

Mooi gedichtje. Dank je wel voor deze zondagbijdrage. Lieve groet, Marja.

tlc illustration zei

Thank you for checking out my sites and for enjoying my art and crediting me when posting it. (If you'd like to use it, I would be appreciative if you would also post links to where you found it? Thank you.)

Tara Chang