13 januari 2010

~Tara Larsen Chang

From young reader series and picture books to
fantasy portraits and book design,
Tara’s sensitive and delicately powerful illustration
is a reflection of her interests and life experiences.
.fairyhawk. Chipmunk. Donkey .
After receiving her BFA from Brigham Young
University, Tara created computer illustration
for interactive children’s courseware at WICAT, Inc.
and IBM. She went on to serve as Art Director for
the multimedia firms, MindBank, Inc.
and Common Sense Interactive Group.
. Bobcat. Dragonfly. gremlin.
Fueled by her love of animals, nature and children,
Tara founded her own studio to focus on more
traditional media. Working primarily in watercolor,
she produced illustrations for zoos, magazines
and children’s books. Tara’s artwork has been seen
in such publications as WordPerfect Magazine, Ladybug,
Pockets Magazine and Children’s Highlights
(for which she won the “Science Corner Illustration
of the Year 2000”).  She is also the originating illustrator
for "The Fairy Chronicles" and "The Wind Dancers" series.
.Fallcabin. anathemabane. bookkeeping .
Her style is realistic yet soft-edged and warm.
Drawing upon her own family and her extensive
teaching experience, she carefully studies her subjects
before translating them into her illustrations.
The results are detailed pictures that glow with life,
color, and emotion, full of nature, multi-ethnic
characters and appealing animals.
She works primarily in watercolor, sometimes
combined with pen & ink and colored pencil.
Leanna meadow

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