17 april 2012

The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller,
or Beware of a Dark Lady
by Frank Cadogan Cowper, 1940 England

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Kay zei

I love your posts. I have a question..I have been looking for a children's book about dolls living their lives in a backyard. I remember reading such a book as a child..many many years ago! But cannot remember author or name of the book. Another favorite was about a native American boy and his animal friends including a skunk! I get nostalgic when I find books I loved as a child..maybe you know where I can look to find these..Thanks in advance and thanks for the lovely illustrations.

Feltrina zei

love your blog :)


Anna zei

Thank you both ;o)
And Kay, I don't know the stories your asking me about, but I will look around for you...