7 april 2012

Lancelot Speed
“The Lady of the Lake” by Lancelot Speed,
from The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights
(Frederick Warne and Co., 1912)

The Lady of the Lake is the most mystical character
of any in the Arthurian tales. 
Much has been written about her and the land
of Avalon, Ynes Affalon, which means the Land
of Apples.  Morgan le Fay is one of these women,
and she herself is a half sister of King Arthur,
an enchantress, healer, queen, and goddess.  
Morgana is sometimes regarded as one of
the aspects of the goddess Morrigan. 

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Hermes zei

Feeling a bit better Anna and this is just too lovely

Anna zei

Great to hear that ;o)
and glad your back x


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