29 april 2012

~It’s Sunday ;o)

The Garden of Paradise
There once was a young Prince who had so
many and such beautiful books,
that he could find them anything he wished
to know except where the Garden of Paradise was
to be found, and this was just what he wished most
to know. When he was a very little boy,
just beginning to go to school, his grandmother
told him that every flower in the Garden of Paradise
tasted like the sweetest cakes, and that the
stamens were full of the choicest wines.
On one flower there grew history,
on another geography, on a third tables;
so that whoever ate the flower immediately knew
his lesson; the more he ate, the more he learned
of history, geography, or arithmetic.


‘The Garden of Paradise’
- Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales
Art by Letizia Picuno

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