6 juli 2009

~Anne Anderson~Illustrator

frontcoverfrontcover Old Old Fairy Tales

A prolific illustrator, Anne Anderson’s delicate
work exhibits a fluidity typical of the Art Nouveau movement.
Over One hundred books to her credit has insured
that most children in that era have enjoyed her work.

The Golden Wonder Book The Golden Wonder Book

Anderson was a Scottish artist born in 1874,
then spent her childhood days in Argentina.
Her book illustrations began appearing at
the end of the Edwardian era.
She died in 1930?

Old Old Fairy Tales

In June 1912, she married a painter, Alan Wright
and they settled in Berkshire. Wright had a successful
career in illustration prior to 1898 when he illustrated
a story for Baron Corvo. The story and Corvo
were highly criticized in the press, and because of
his association with the story, Wright’s commissions
dried up until he married Anderson. They collaborated
on many books together—he would draw the animals
and birds and she would draw everything else. 
It has been said that it is difficult to distinguish his
work from hers. But mostly, he dedicated himself to
providing her with an environment conducive to her work.

heidi by johanna spyriheidi by johanna spyri
heidi by johanna spyriheidi by johanna spyri 

In addition to her illustration, she was also an etcher,
watercolor painter and designer of greeting cards.     

Old Old Fairy Tales

Old Old Fairy Tales1

andersen snowqueen grimms_shoes_danced

Illustrations here come from Old, Old, Fairy Tales,
Grimms Fairy Tales, The Wonder Book, Heidi
Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales, Mother Goose
and The Mammoth Wonder Book.

The Mammoth Wonder BookThe Mammoth Wonder Book

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