15 juli 2009

~Michael Parkes~

Michael Parkes
Michael Parkes
was born in 1944 in
Sikeston, Missouri. He is an American-born
artist living in Spain who is best known for work in
the areas of fantasy art and magic realism.
He specializes in painting, stone lithography
and sculpture. Parkes' work is widely
available in the form of
self published mass production poster prints
and nine published books.
 Michael Parkes
  As a student, Parkes was fascinated by
various graphic processes, and he later became
proficient in the difficult medium of the colour
stone lithograph. Many of his recent works have
been produced as Aurographics, limited
edition giclée prints.

string_gameChanging_TimesChess_GameEducating_Eve Creating_Eve 
Parkes well-known magic realist posters include
Gargoyles, Deva, Swan Lake, Tuesday's Child,
Athena, The Creation, Desert Dream, Water Music,
Circus Memories, Returning Home, Maria (Detail),
The Source, Leda's Daughter, Magic Spring, Dawn,
The Mask, Puppet Master,
and Desert Lotus.

Four_Feathersa michael-parkes minotaurCat's_Meditation

At least ten of Parkes works have been used
as cover illustrations, including Omni
(Dec 1980, June 1980, Nov 1981),
The Best of Omni Science Fiction, No. 6 (1983),
Omni Best Science Fiction One (1992),
Omni Best Science Fiction Three (1993),
Full Spectrum 5 (1995, 1996) and ParaSpheres:
Extending Beyond the Spheres of Literary and
Genre Fiction: Fabulist and
New Wave Fabulist Stories
A Parkes sculpture, Angel Affair (2004),
was the Sep/Oct 2004 cover illustration for the
Dutch-language Fine Arts Magazine, which also
contained a feature article on one of Parkes'
exhibitions in the Netherlands.

Waiting deva

A Word from Michael: Some believe that long ago
devas (guardian angels) were given the task
of creating our physical universe.
Her sits the deva of dragonflies, resting, as an artist
would, after creating her work of art. 

 michael Dark_Sphinx Parkes_Michael-Dusk_1998b 

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Fluitenkruid zei

Erg mooie illustraties, doet me denken aan Anton Pieck en Dali.
Ken zijn werk niet maar mijn nieuwsgierigheid is gewekt, dankjewel!

willow zei

His artwork is magical. Wonderful post!