25 juli 2009

~Edward Robert Hughes~

Arthur Huges 

I could only find this portrait of Edward Robert
Hughes’ Uncle Arthur Hughes who was also an artist.
He certainly looked the Romantic type and I can only
guess that his nephew must have been
somewhat like him as well.
Edward Robert Hughes was born in 1851
and died in 1914.
He is a well known English painter who
worked in a style influenced by Pre-Raphaelitism
and Aestheticism. Some of his best known works
are Midsummer Eve and Night With Her Train of Stars.
Hughes was the nephew of Arthur Hughes.

Midsummer Eve 1908

He often used watercolour/gouache.
He was elected ARWS in 1891 and chose as his
diploma work for election to full membership a
mystical piece inspired by a verse by
Christina Rossetti's "Amor Mundi".
Technically Hughes experimented with ambitious
techniques. He was a perfectionist who did
numerous studies which in their own right turned
out to be good enough for exhibitio.

Heart of SnowPrincess-School

He was also an assistant to the elderly
William Holman Hunt. He helped the increasingly
infirm Hunt with the version of
The Light of the World now in St. Paul's Cathedral
and with The Lady of Shalott.
He died on 23 April 1914 at his cottage
(no. 3 Romeland) in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
  Twilight Fantasy

Night With Her Train Of Stars

Edward Robert Hughes werd geboren in 1851 
en is overleden in 1914.
Hij was een schilder die veel en graag met
waterverf/ gouache schilderde.
Ik kon niet veel over hem vinden op internet.
en de foto bovenaan de post is van zijn oom
Arthur Hughes, die ook een bekende schilder was!

Zijn bekendste schilderijen zijn toch wel
Midsummer Eve and
Night With Her Train of Stars.
…Hierboven te zien…


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Goh Anna .. wat kon ik weer héérlijk wegdromen bij jou !
Even binnenwippen bij 'Love for Books' en je voelt je weer helemaal 'terug in balans'
Zouden we dan toch bij 'the wee folk' horen ?!
Big Hug,
tante Danny

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Dank je!!! en
leuk dat je weer eens op visite komt.
tja, kun je nagaan hoe ik wegdroom als ik zo'n post aan het maken ben?
Gr. Anna

Hermes zei

I love his pictures - good post, many thanks.

Barbara's Brainwaves zei

I also love the work of Edward Robert Hughes and had difficulty finding a picture of him. Tonight I had success, and wanted to share with you this link with info about his life: http://appletoncity.k12.mo.us/smweb/studentweb/edward%20robert%20hughes.html

Anna zei

Many thanks Barbara ;o)