19 augustus 2009

~Josephine Wall~



 "Unfold your spirit to the sky,
allow your sacred dreams to fly.
The Universe answers that you truly are
more precious than Heaven's brightest star."


Josephine Wall was born in 1947 in Farnham, Surrey
Educated at Farnham and Parkstone Grammar Schools,
her family moved to Poole, Dorset when she was 14.

From childhood Josephine has had a passion for
light and colour, fantasy and visual story telling.


The life of a painter was clearly her destiny!
Enchanting and detailed images flow freely from
her imagination in an endless cascade of ideas.
 astral voyage.
Her first employment after leaving Art College
was at Poole Pottery, where she painted the dynamic
and boldly coloured designs of the now famous
Delphis ware – very collectable and realising
high prices at specialist auctions.

In addition to her main love of painting, she directs
her creative energies into pottery figures, sculpture
and reproduction stained glass panel.
She has even customised items of clothing.

alternative reality

She lives contentedly with her husband at
Wisteria Cottage' where she works in a purpose
built attic studio. The walls are covered with a
huge wisteria, cascading gorgeous flowers -
hand painted of course. Josephine is convinced
that working under the pyramid shaped roof is a
source of inspirational vibes, aiding her creativity!
The rest of the cottage also displays her artistic
nature, a woodland scene and butterflies in the kitchen,
flowers and birds on the furniture and even more
wisteria on the glass doors in the living room.
Even the garden doesn’t escape her touch, as she
likes nothing better than to spend time designing
unusual features and creating an abundance of colour,
with a slight bias towards a Victorian style.

The Wood Nymph.
heart and soul.
magic moment.
prelude to a kiss

Prelude to a Kiss.
That 'magic' moment! - the frozen frame in time,
savouring the powerful emotion of that first kiss.
As their lips move ever closer they can feel the electricity
in the air as they approach the blending of their
two minds and spirits.Their thoughts and pulses race
as the heavenly conductor leads them to a crescendo
in the concerto of love.The enchantment of that
moment will last forever.

Spirit of Flight "The art of painting is more than a career to me,"
she says. "It is an all consuming obsession and a
love of color and form. In fact, if I am away from
my easel for too long I become restless
and anxious to paint again."

masque of love Masque of Love
Having danced the night away she can pretend
no more.  Struck by Cupids arrow she coyly
comes out from behind her mask of peacock
feathers to reveal herself for the first time to
her masked partner.  Having only been able to look
into each others eyes ( the windows of the soul )
she knows their feelings for each other are true,
and uncomplicated by physical appearance. 
How can she resist when surrounded
by the hypnotic perfume of love.


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She does some beautiful work and seems so happy at her life path.