28 augustus 2009

~My wish for you~

24 of the works of Aimee Stewart
are featured in the film.
The Music on "My Wish for You"
was contributed by Annbjørg Lien

to everyone you know who would enjoy a break
from the stress of the day, to disappear in
a lovely daydream for a few minutes.

Silken threads, a fairy’s bed
The morning’s magic dew
Secret Glades,
Seasheel arrayed,
This is my wish for you!
Windows’d moons,
winter’s cocoon,
Springtime’s green debut
Journeys bright,
Compassions’s might,
This is my wish for you!
Flying ships and signing lips,
Emblazoned wild adieu,
Twilight’s gift,
enchantment’s kiss
This is my wish for you!
Tales explored,
gold bricks galore,
a light to guide you through
winds to race
Companioned grace
This is my wish for you!
Slumbers deep
a faithful leap,
a Magic carpet view,
hope in flight
rapture’s delight,
This is my wish for you!
Wishes made, secret parades,
a tale of love come true,
a moonbeam trone
a place called home,
This is my wish for you!
To sing you soft a lullaby
to sew the seams of lost goodbye’s
to light the way through your dark skies,
This is my wish for you!
To give you wings and to watch you fly
to silk your tears until they dry
to spin a tale that you might try
This is my wish for you!
Grief’s release
a field of peace
a space for solitude
followed bliss
balloons adrift
This is my wish for you!
Adventure’s shore
a sky of more
a life with joy imbued
all this score
you are and more
You are the wish come true


4 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

That was lovely. I'm not especially stressed at the moment but this was lovely.

Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

Sorry dat ik in het berichtje dat ik op je blog achterliet 'Thea' noemde. Wat een prachtig filmpje! Mooie muziek en beelden....

Fijn weekend,


Aputsiaq zei

Beautiful! And the video too! I wish that it all come true!!

Flights Of The Mind zei

Greetings !

I was looking for "silken threads ...rapture's delight "....and found it here....amazing and thanks ...the music literally played with my heart strings
Cheers and regards