18 augustus 2010

~Arthur Rackham!

arthur rackham peter2

“Shelley’s boat, when opened, completely puzzled
Solomon, and he took counsel of his assistants,
who having walked over it twice, first with
their toes pointed out, and then with their
toes pointed in, decided that it came from some
greedy person who wanted five.
They thought this because there was a large
five printed on it. ‘Preposterous!’ cried Solomon
in a rage, and he presented it to Peter; anything
useless was usually given to Peter as a plaything.”

Illustration by Arthur Rackham
for Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
Written by J.M. Barrie.

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Hermes zei

Another great Rackham - love it.

Aputsiaq zei

Hi Anna...I haven't been around for days..I can see you've posted some lovely 'classics'!! My type of images! I love them each and everyone!