22 augustus 2010


Tree of Love
By Sarah Hanrahan
From the TV serie; The Beauty and the Beast


He is my life,
Far in the dark grow the roots that sustain.
From her I find the tears of joy to fall as gentle rain.
From him I receive the love that shines
as the brightest sun.

She is my life,
She allows my hopes and dreams to run.
Together we grow a tree that spreads far
beyond our sight.
That protects and shelters and grows a fruit,
that teaches wrong from right.
Love binds us together, spun of silk
We have no care for evils ilk
Whether together, or apart
We clearly know, each other's heart.

3 opmerkingen:

Suzanne zei

Just wonderful

Hermes zei

That was a great tv series.

Aputsiaq zei

Oh my...that is romantic :O)