20 augustus 2010

~Racey Helps

Racey Helps.
Angus Clifford Racey Helps
was an English
children's author and illustrator.
His books were written in a simple style and
featured woodland creatures and birds,
with illustrations by the author.
He is known for illustrating postcards,
greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards
and wrapping paper.
Racey Helps. Racey Helps. Racey Helps .
Helps was born in Bristol in 1913 of
English-Scots descent, and spent his childhood
in the hamlet of Chelvey, Somerset.
He was privately educated at a vicarage and
later at Bristol Cathedral School.
Leaving school he entered the antiquarian book
business and attended the West of England
College of Art.

Racey Helps. Racey Helps.
His anthropomorphic illustrations and
picture book stories of woodland animals
portray eventful scenes with a healthy helping
of humour that appeal to children and adults alike.
.Racey Helps. Racey Helps. Racey Helps .
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.Racey Helps

4 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

I always thought, for no good reason, his looks (like a movie actor) belie his very cute illustrations. Raining here - have a good weekend.

stephanie zei

These made me smile.

Anoniem zei

Superb blog!

Could you kindly inform us who is the artist of the painting (on the right side near the Elliot quote) of a vintage car driving towards a house?

It is so stunning!

Many thanks

Anna zei

thats an illustration from the story; 'the wind in the willows'