3 augustus 2010

~Einar Norelius

Einar Norelius, born July 20 1900 in Falun ,
died in Bjursås in Falun Municipality of July 14th 1985 ,
was an illustrator and story writer.
Einar Norelius illustrated in 53 years the
annually published story collection
Among gnomes and trolls .
Throughout the motives of his fairy-tale character
and he could paint the stumps so that they looked
like trolls and hillocks so that they looked like giants .
-Tre knepiga troll Three tricky trolls
-Tre trallande troll Three grating of magic
-Tre tropiska troll Three tropical magic .
-Petter och hans fyra getter (1951)
Petter and his four goats (1951) 
- Snigel Blå (1958) Snail Blue (1958) 
- Trollfars sagor (1963)
-Troll Father's tales (1963),

Here are a few examples of the genius of
Einar Norelius- the 1934
edition of Bland Tomtar Och Troll.…

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    Hermes zei

    Stylized but really effective. That first one is so atmospheric.

    Aputsiaq zei

    Wonderful Anna! He's great!!! Thanks ;O)