31 augustus 2009

~Edward Tadiello~

gift of peace


loves embrace



.serenitys garden

"I am concerned in my work with the representation
of the human form by means of classical artistic anatomy. 
     "I believe that only a solid and practical understanding
of the skeletal framework and the muscle forms it supports
will enable me to interpret the model before me, and
to translate what I see into a work of art -- a work that
at minimum will celebrate the marvelous, infinitely
beautiful form that we humans are, and at maximum
will touch the viewer in an emotional way, nourishing them,
making them feel and be engaged in an aesthetic
experience that will transport them from the
ordinary to the sublime."
                                                ~Edward Tadiello~

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Hermes zei

I love Angels and was only listening to an Angel Meditation yesterday so very appropriate post for me with such lovely pictures.