26 september 2009

~Amelia Jane Murray~

Amelia Jane Murray (British, 1800-1896)
ook wel Lady Oswald genoemd.
Ik kon maar heel weinig vinden over deze Illustrator,
ze werd geboren in Port-e-Chee op
the Fairy Island of the Isle of Mann
Daardoor werd ze geïnspireerd om deze fairies te schilderen
  . .
   There is little known about this great artist.
She was born in 1800 and died in 1896.

.Amelia Jane Murray.
Amelia Jane Murray.
"'Emily,' as Amelia was always called, was born in Port-e-Chee
on the Fairy Island of the Isle of Mann, the daughter of
Lord Henry Murray, whose ancestors had for generations
been styled the Kings of Man.
Emily and her five brothers and sisters had a
privileged childhood, living at Mount Murray,
a house five miles south of Douglas.

Amelia Jane Murray.
Amelia Jane Murray . Amelia Jane Murray.
Her Fairy paintings date from the 1820s.
She was inspired by the rich folklore of the Isle of Mann,
epitomised by the name of her birthplace, Port-e-Chee,
which in Manx Gaelic means 'Fairy Music'"

Amelia Jane Murray.   . . .

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Hermes zei

Very early Victorian. Love them.

Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

Wat een betoverende tekeningen! Ik denk dat dit een van mijn favorieten is tot nu toe. Ga eens kijkjen of ik een boekje kan vinden waar haar illustraties in staan. Fijn weekend! Lieve groet, Madelief

Aputsiaq zei

I just love Amelia Jane Murray - THANKS - did a post on her too..a long time ago. She really knows faries ;O)

marja visscher zei

Waanzinnig mooie illustraties. Daar hou ik echt heel veel van!
Fijn weekend en geniet er van!
Lieve groet, Marja

Harry D. Watson zei

Hello! Sorry I can't write in Dutch, although I can read it.
I am interested in Amelia Jane Murray's daughter Elizabeth Jane Oswald, author of "By Fell and Fjord; or, Scenes and Studies in Iceland", and I'm trying to write something about her.

Did you know that an earlier Amelia Jane Murray (1666-1743) also did fairy paintings? She seems to have been the daughter of John Murray, 2nd Earl of Atholl, and his wife Amelia Sophia Stanley, heir to the 7th Earl of Derby, the family who held the title Lord of Mann. Maybe being called after this ancestor inspired the later Amelia Jane Murray to be a fairy painter.