27 november 2009

~ Aimee Stewart

Aimee .
Aimee Stewart was born 1971
in Washington State

Aimee Stewart gladly adopts the title
'Renaissance Woman', and for good reason. 
As a self taught artist, photographer and writer who
has music in her soul and daydreams in her blood,
she lives life as one giant creative endeavor.
.Silken Threads

In 1999,  Aimee started dabbling in website design. 
By 2005, she had made the leap from simple
graphics to experimental photomanipulation.  
And in the past three years, she has excelled in erasing
the lines between 'digital' art and 'traditional' art,
until only the inspired creation remains.

Man In The Moon

She is now a frequent guest writer for the
international publication Advanced Photoshop Magazine,
where she leads students through Masterclass
tutorials on various photoshop technics. 
Her works have been published in numerous
magazines throughout the world, allowing her to
work with wonderfully diverse clientele.
During the past year, Aimee was honored to become
a part of Duirwaigh Gallery, and now works with
Angi Sullins and Silas Toball, assisting them on
projects and joining them in collaborations. 
A large selection of her work, both old and new,
will be available as cards and puzzles nationwide
in 2009.

fly away home

“Ladybug Ladybug, fly away home.
Your house is on fire and
your children are alone….”

Dreamgate The Gatekeeper Fairy

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With permission from Artist!

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