30 november 2009

~ Rip Squeak

The original books are written by
Susan Yost-Filgate and illustrated by Leonard Filgate.
Find The Magic is written by Lee Cohen and
illustrated by Julia Harnett Harvey.
. . .
Rip Squeak is a character who's greatest desire
in life is to become a great adventurer.
He is anxious to learn and experience new things.
He has an innate cleverness and is therefore a good
problem solver, a skill that comes in very handy as
the stories progress. Rip is also very loyal to his
family and friends and very protective of his
little sister Jesse.
He is compassionate and introspective, a staunch
supporter of right over wrong.

From the time that Rip and Jesse meet Abbey and
Euripides, Rip goes from a somewhat quiet life,
with only his little sister, his parents, and his
imagination to keep him company, to an extraordinary
life full of adventure and discovery.
Rip had once thought of himself as cautiously curious,
but as he becomes better acquainted with his friends
he becomes more outgoing and daring doing things
that he would never have expected he'd do.
.. .
Julia Harnett Harvey was born in Essex, England
and her father, an artist in his own right, was
her first art teacher. After graduating from the
Southend College of Art, she worked in the commercial
art field in both England and Canada.
Inspired by another Harnett, the most influential
trompe-l'oeil painter of the mid-nineteenth century,
William Harnett (1848-1892), Julia continued her
fine art studies in Toronto where she was among
the select few chosen for the prestigious Master's
works program at the Royal Ontario Museum.
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Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

Ik dacht dat ik aardig op de hoogte was van alle kinderboeken van Engelstalige auteurs, maar deze ken ik niet. Ik ga eens op zoek!

Fijne avond! Lieve groet, Madelief