2 november 2009

~Paul Vincenti~

Paul Vincenti
Paul Vincenti has been creating images 
for over 25 years.
Based in Orlando, Florida, Paul's style and subjects
have a unique overlap between fantasy illustrations
and the fine art world. Everyone agrees that Paul is
blessed with boundless energy.
His professional endeavors have spanned many media,
including forays into musical composition and production.
Interlude  CalliopeWeb 
Paul’s first professional art show was in 1979.
He did the outdoor art show circuit around Florida
for a few years, displaying a mix of fantasy and landscapes,
but found he could actually afford to eat if he took
photographs, something he had been doing for
years as a reference for his paintings.
The opportunity to go to Hawaii presented itself in 1984
and in short order, Paul became a contributing editor
and photographer for Hawaii magazine photographing
the swimsuit issues for three years.
.Mermaids Realm. Day dreaming. Golden MermaiD.
In 1989 family bonds brought Paul back to Florida.
Although fascinated by new technology,
he decided that he could not to afford to re-invest
his money into the digital photography revolution
he saw coming, so he sold most of his equipment, and fell
in love with oil painting all over again.
.When All Hope Seems Lost. Dragons lake. Kraken. The Quest Begins.

~Paul Vincenti.com

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Hermes zei

Dragons and Mermaids - great stuff.

Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

Ontzettend knap getekend!

Fijne avond!

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