25 november 2009

~ Susan Seddon Boulet

susan .
Susan Eleanor Seddon was born in Brazil in 1941
of English parents who had emigrated from
South Africa. Two years later her mother died,
shortly after the birth of her second child, Patrick.
Encouraged by her father, she began drawing;
her first subjects were the cows and horses of the farm.
While Boulet took art classes off and on during her
life, beginning in her finishing school years in Lusanne,
Switzerland, she never studied art formally.
She said, in fact, that she never planned on becoming
an artist--the vocation came to her as by accident.
Susan came to the US in 1967 to work for Braniff Airlines.
It was also in this year that she met and married
Lawrence Boulet, who inspired Susan to invest herself
seriously in her art. Boulet credited the birth of her
son Eric, in 1969, with freeing her creativity, saying
that Eric "somehow freed the child in me;
gave me permission to enjoy fantasy . . .
gave me permission to do unicorns and dragons."
Boulet began selling her art in 1970.
By 1972, aided by her husband who managed
all nonartistic aspects of her career, she was supporting
the family. In 1980 her husband died of cancer.
. The Sphinx.Shadow Play .
Much of Boulet's work from the 1970s pictures
cheerful images from fairytale and fantasy-jesters,
knights, mermaids, magicians, and the like-executed
in rainbow-bright colors.
.Owl Shaman.
Around 1980 Boulet produced
'I Heard the Owl Call my Name', the first in a series
of paintings that pointed to a new direction in
Boulet's work. From this point on, Boulet painted images
that she felt tapped into the essence of the collective
human unconscious---images of goddesses from
various cultures and Native American shamanic
images that married the forms of animal and human
into a coherent whole. Boulet drew the inspiration for
her art from a wide variety of sources: mythology and
poetry, Jungian psychology and worldwide spiritual
traditions, as well as deep love of animals and
the natural world. |
Bear Child.
Today Susan Seddon Boulet's paintings are held
in collections around the world.
Susan Seddon Boulet died in her home in Oakland
on April 28, 1997 after a long struggle with cancer.
. Sedna.


Susan Seddon Boulet’s figures are out of our dreams,
those which flee from us upon awakening,
those which are dispersed like dew at dawn,
those which fall apart between our fingers
like dust-roses.
~ Anais Nin ~

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Aputsiaq zei

A wonderful post, Anna! I just adore her dreamlike universe!

Hermes zei

I've got a beautiful calendar of her works - lovely.

Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

Wat een bijzondere schilderijen! Sommige komen mij bekend voor. Misschien van ansichtkaarten? Ik weet het niet meer.... :)

Fijne avond!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anna zei

@ Madelief
Ze heeft inderdaad ook ansichtkaarten en kalenders uitgegeven!