23 november 2009

~ Julia Guthrie

mermaid .
"Morveren wistfully dreams of the man she loves,
as he sings in the church up on the hill.
.guardians .
"The Guardians watch over their sacred grove,
in the magical, ancient lands of Cornwall.
A mystical tree resides here, one that must never
be discovered or harmed. This tree holds the
secrets & life blood of Mother Earth."
" The Dragonfly represents not only
beauty & transformation, but new beginnings
& freedom. Here we see a magical wood in
which a young Priestess, newly initiated, slips out
of a backdoor in the temple to visit the golden
Dragonflies that they worship."
.leap of faith .
"To follow your dreams sometimes takes courage.
Taking the first step on a journey is always the hardest,
but when you look back you'll know it was the
best thing you ever did."

Photo’s placed here with permission of artist!

3 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

What lovely images. Just post when you can Anna, life overtakes art at times!

Anna zei

@ Hermes
Thanks for your understanding!

Julia Guthrie zei

Thank you for your support & appreciation for my work Anna :) xx