21 december 2009

~Alon’s Art Work

A Lonely Heart .
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His name is Alon Chou born in Taiwan
He graduated from National
Taiwan University of Arts
He does Illustrations, character designs and
scenery designs for games and animation films.
.guardian .
Drawing to me is like a single frame of a movie,
it is dramatic, and should be something simple
and easy to understand without difficult theories.
A drawing should be a complete presentation of plot,
emotion, the interaction, background, the space
relation, the lights and shadows, the atmosphere, etc.
I would like to include all these elements into my
drawings, and make it better.
~Alon Chou~

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Aputsiaq zei

The first image is sooooo wonderful! Thanks

Anna, I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks for the old year...2009....it has been such a treat to get you as a friend! I hope we'll have as much fun in 2009!!

Soon I'll go on a Christmas holiday to visit my family...take care! I'll be back before New Year's Eve! Till then: have fun!!!

Christmas looove,