9 december 2009

~Trisha Romance

Trisha's Life as an artist began at a very early age.
The drive to capture her immediate surroundings
and find inspiration in everyday events of life can
be traced to when she was only five years old.
This vision and excitement for life continues to be
the creative force behind her celebrated work today.
candlelight. Romance. winter retreat .
Trisha was born in Western New York and moved
to Canada in 1969 to attend Sheridan College
in Oakville, where she received a degree in design
and illustration. She now lives in Niagara-on-the Lake
with her family, who have become the loving focus
of her many paintings in watercolour.
generous heart. a reward for star. hand-in-hand .
The popularity of Trisha's paintings continue to grow,
exceeding her ability to supply the demand.
Since 1980, limited edition reproductions from the
originals have allowed collectors to enjoy
her artwork worldwide.
Birthday. christmas at the cottage
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heart and soul.
evening-skaters As Children, we walked by the light of the moon
through the woods and across a crystal field to
reach the pond for an evening of skating.
On other nights our father took us to the town park
where lamp lights glowed through snow flakes
and the ice shimmered as town folk waltzed around
the rink. These images have stayed with me and
were destined to become a  painting one day.”
.star of wonderIt was late afternoon, that time in winter when
darkness comes early. Snow was falling in giant flakes
as Whitney and I headed home after a wonderful time of Christmas shopping. . .
   I quickened my pace and explained that we must
hurry home to get dinner started. But when I glanced
down, I realized that Whitney had not even heard me.
She had stopped and was silently transfixed by a
glorious nativity scene in the shop window.  

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Madelief zei

Hoi Anne,

Wat een prachtige plaatjes heb je weer gevonden! Ik zou er zo kerstkaarten van willen hebben. Ik zie net je top tien van favoriete boeken/schrijvers staan. Een aantal daarvan, zoals Alice in Wonderland, The secret Garden, The wind in the Willows en de boeken van Beatrix Potter staan ook in mijn 'favorieten' lijstje! Ik heb zojuist bij de AH een gouden boekje (kerstuitgave) gekocht met tekeningen van Richard Scarry. Zo leuk!!!

fijne woensdag! Lieve groet, madelief

yaamas zei

Absolutely magical! Thank you for posting such beautiful work, Anne.

Anna zei

@ Yaamas
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Did you read the post about your artwork too?

Aputsiaq zei

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!