4 december 2009

~ Virginia Lee

Virginia Lee.
Born in Devon, England in 1976, she started to
draw and sculpt surreal things from quite an early age.
After studying art and design at Exeter College,
she embarked on a degree in illustration at
Kingston University, where she did much of the
work featured on this website.Shortly after graduating
in 1999, she was lucky enough to work as a sculptor
for the "Lord of the Rings' trilogy in New Zealand,
creating archetectual details, fountains and statues
for the sets. When the film production had finished, 
she went onto sculpt highly detailed, collectible
wall plaques of scenes from the films.
Currently residing in Brighton, she has been devoting
some of her time to sculp and paint for
exhibition, but mainly she has been focusing
on her illustration. '
The Frog Bride'' is her first children's book and
she has just finished a book
about the greek goddess 'Persephone'.
.Virginia Lee. Virginia Lee.
.Virginia Lee3. Virginia Lee4. Virginia Lee. Virginia Lee. Virginia Lee. Virginia Lee. Virginia Lee

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Musenkind am Meer zei

Oh Anna, danke für diese außergewöhnlichen Bilder. Was für eine Künstlerin! Eine Welt voll Phantasie und Schönheit.

Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Abend!

Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

Wat een prachtige tekeningen. Deze zijn helemaal naar mijn zin!!

Een fijn weekend!

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