19 december 2009

~Randolph Caldecott

In 1880 Randolph Caldecott further popularized
this centuries-old song with his illustrations to
a delightful Lancashire dialect version,
"The Three Jovial Huntsmen".

Here is a typical verse:

"They hunted, an' they hollo'd, an' the next thing
they did find.
Was a bull-calf in a pin-fold, an' that, too,
they left behind. Look ye there!

One said it was a bull-calf, an' another he
said "Nay;
It's just a painted jackass, that has never
learnt to bray. Look ye there!"


Gilpin Cover

"The morning came, the chaise was brought,
  But yet was not allowed
To drive up to the door, lest all
  Should say that she was proud.

So three doors off the chaise was stayed,
  Where they did all get in;
Six precious souls, and all agog
  To dash through thick and thin.

Smack went the whip, round went the wheels,
  Were never folks so glad!
The stones did rattle underneath
  As if Cheapside were mad.

John Gilpin at his horse's side
  Seized fast the flowing mane.
And up he got, in haste to ride,
  But soon came down again.

For saddletree scarce reached had he,
  His journey to begin,
When, turning round his head, he saw
  Three customers come in.

So down he came; for loss of time,
  Although it grieved him sore,
Yet loss of pence, full well he knew,
  Would trouble him much more."

Poem by William Cowper.



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Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

Dit gedicht is helemaal mijn smaak! Zo Engels! Ik kijk sinds begin deze week iedere avond naar Little Dorit. Het is echt genieten van de mooie beelden en het goede acteerwerk. Kijk jij ook? Zal vast wel! Een heel fijn weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anna zei

@ Madelief
Zeker weten kijk ik ook!
Ik heb deze serie nog nooit eerder gezien!!! maar ik zit heerlijk te genieten op de bank!