11 december 2009

~ Thomas Bromley Blacklock

Thomas Bromley Blacklock (1863  - 1903 )

Thomas Blacklock .
Born in Kirkcudbright he trained in Edinburgh
working mainly in pen and ink and later in oils.
His finest works are his landscapes into which he
began to introduce children and fairies.
He painted in and around Kirkcudbright and
produced many rugged seashore scenes of fine
tonal quality. Sadly he suffered from a severe spinal
ailment which eventually led to his suicide when at
the height of his artistic development.
.Thomas Blacklock.Thomas Blacklock  .Thomas Blacklock. Thomas Blacklock

2 opmerkingen:

ruthie zei

i love his paintings! Kirkcudbright is a beautiful place & im not suprised he was inspired so there ( i live about 5 miles away, jessie m. king is another kirkcudbright artist who im adore.

Madelief zei

Ik ken de illustrator niet, maar het zijn prachtige schilderijen. Wat is de arme man aan een naar einde gekomen. Ik wens je een fijn weekend!

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