8 november 2010

~A. Duncan Carse

A. Duncan Carse.
Bother the Gnat
by A. Duncan Carse

A. Duncan Carse was an artist working in Britain,
of Norwegian/Scottish parents.
His two large works Birds of the Old World and Birds
of the New World
were selected by Cunard in 1933
to be on their new flagship liner, the Queen Mary.
Documents are held in the National Archive.
He illustrated the Hans Christian Andersen
Fairytales 1912 edition. He exhibited with the British Council
at the Biennale in 1912.
Carse exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1904
and then regularly between 1922 and 1938.
He also exhibited at the Fine Art Society,
the London Salon and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.
He died in 1938.

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Hermes zei

So sweet - but well drawn.