21 november 2010


I want to learn the names of this place
I want to hear the name–song
Present in every step

I want to see the land through this stone
I want to see with true–sight
Underneath my eyelids

Can you speak me the curves of that hill?
The colours of that breeze?
Everything between the spectrum?

Can you paint me the songs in that flame?
The hidden water lines?
Everything heard and felt?

The land can teach these placenames
Sing the songs
Paint the pictures
Write the poems
The land can speak
And I can listen.

by Oliver Hunter
Art by Edward Robert Hughes, circa 1895

1 opmerking:

Johnny Zombie zei

Wonderful. I love the poem, and the illustration that goes with it. I wonder, have you read Mary Oliver? This is very similar in subject and tone to her poetry.