19 november 2010


Alexandra Nedzvetckaya


Art by Alexandra Nedzvetckaya
(1981-, Russian)

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

3 opmerkingen:

Mónica zei

Thanks so mucho, I wish you a nice weekend.
Beautiful post, adorable winter child for conmemorate child day tomorrow. Kind regards.

SparkleFarkle zei

O to be that little bird snuggling in hands so warm! O to be the wearer of such a snuggly warm hat! O, O, O to be that little bird snuggling in that (nest-like) warm hat!

Your posted illustration has inspired me! *runs to find a cozy bird and a cozy hat --either that or runs to put the Hot Cocoa pot on!*

aafke7 zei

It's a strange quiet world! Beautiful post!